Biographies under review:
note: The list is in chronological order based on the figure about whom the biography was written.

8th Century

Yeshe Tsogyel, who is associated with 8th century Tibetan imperial times, despite no mention of her in contemporary sources, or before the 12th century (see Stag sham Nus ldan rdo rje's 18th century biography of this figure).

11th Century

Marpa (see Thrangu Rinpoche's 21st century biography).

Milarepa (see Tsangnyon Heruka's 15th century biography, translated by Evans-Wentz).

12th Century

Riggs, Nicole. 2001. Like an Illusion: Lives of the Shangpa Kagyu masters. Eugene, Oregon: Dharma Cloud Press.

14th century

Dratshadpa Rinchen Namgyal. 1996. A Handful of Flowers: A brief biography of Buton Rinchen Drub. (1290-1364, written 1366).Trans. by Hans van der Bogaert. New Delhi: Library of Tibetan Works and Archives.

Longchenpa (see Stewart's 21st biography).

15th century

W. Y. Evans-Wentz, and Ras-chuṅ Rdo-rje-grags. 1971. Tibet's great yogī Milarepa: a biography from the Tibetan, being the Jetsün-Kahbum or biographical history of Jetsün-Milarepa, according to the late Lāma Kazi Dawa-Samdup's English rendering. New York: Oxford University Press.

Brag-phug Dge-bśes Dge-ʼdun-rin-chen (1926-1997), Keith Dowman, and Sonam Paljor. 1980. The divine madman: the sublime life and songs of Drukpa Kunley (1455 - 1529); translated by Keith Dowman and Sonam Paljor ; illustrated by Lee Baarslag. London: Rider. Pre-modern figure written about by modern author.

Diemberger, Hildegard. 2007. When a Woman Becomes a Religious Dynasty: The Samding Dorje Phagmo of Tibet. New York: Columbia University Press. [ca. 1460]

16th century

Loo, Margaret M. Shu-Yi. 1970. "The Biography of the III Panchen Lama: Blo-bzang-Dpal- ldan-Ye-shes-Dpal-bzang-po, Examined in Light of Sino-Tibetan Relations during the Late Eighteenth Century.” Ph.D. Dissertation. Washington: University of Washington. * The III Panchen Lama (1505-1568)

17th century

Dargye, Yonten & Sorensen, P.K (trans). 2001. The Biography of Pha-jo-Sgom Zhig-po: Called the Current of Compassion. Thimphu: The National Library of Bhutan. *Pha-jo-Sgom Zhig-po (1184-1251/1208-1275) [text discovered around 1623-24 and amended later in 17th century).

Bogin, Benjamin E. “The Life of Yol mo ‘dzin nor bu: A critical edition, translation, and study of the memirs of a seventeenth-century Tibetan Buddhist lama.” Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Michigan. *Yol mo ‘dzin nor bu (1598-1644)

PaN chen Blo bzang chos kyi rgyal mtshan. Chos Smra ba’i dge slong blo bzang chos kyi rgyal mtshan gyi spyod tshul gsal bar ston pa nor bu’i phreng ba (=Nor bu’i phreng ba), in Blo bzang chos kyi rgyal mtshan gyi gsung ’bum (Collected works of the First Panchen Lozang Chokyi Gyaltsen). Tashi Lhunpo Edition. Vol.1, ff.1r-225v. Also see TBRC W23430 (5 vols.)

18th century

Stag sham Nus ldan rdo rje, Dowman, Keith (trans). 1984. Sky Dancer. London; Boston: Routledge & Kegan Paul. [Concerning the figure Yeshe Tsogyel, who is associated with 8th century Tibetan imperial times (despite no mention of her in contemporary sources, or before the 12th century)].

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19th century

Tulku Thondup, Masters of Meditation and Miracles: the Longchen Nyingthig lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Boston: Shambhala, 1996.

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Barron, Richard. 2003. The Autobiography of Jamgon Kongtrul: A Gem of Many Colors. Snow Lion Publications. * Jamgon Kongtrul (1813-1899)

Gyamtso, Yeshe. 2005. Precious Essence: The Inner Autobiography of Terchen Barway . KTD Publications. (18th century, the first treasure revealer)

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Terton Sogyal (see Pistono's 21st century biography)

20th century

Drolma, Delog Dawa. 1995. Delog: Journey to Realms Beyond Death. Padma Publishing.

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Also see TBRC holdings W23430 (5 vols.)
21st century

Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. 2012. The Lamp That Enlightens Narrow Minds: Life and Times of// //a Realized Tibetan Master, Khyentse Chökyi Wangchug. Translated by Enrico Dell’Angelo & Nancy Simmons. Berkeley: North Atlantic Books.

Thrangu (Rinpoche). 2001. The spiritual biography of Marpa, the translator. Delhi: Sri Satguru Publications. Pre-modern figure written about by modern author.

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